Oral Traditions/ Folklore

Dúchas na Sionna plans to research and publish local oral traditions. This project consists of two phases.

(i) To research and publish details of already existing material e.g. principal sources for existing material on local folklore;

  • A Folklore Survey of County Clare and County Clare Folktales and Myths (1910-1913), T. J. Westropp.
  • Irish Folklore Commission (1930s).
  • Dept. of Folklore, UCD archives.
  • The Dept of Topography, History and Antiquities, records of, O'Donnovan and O'Curry, 1826-1842.
  • (ii) To collect and publish local oral traditions. This will involve methodology training and recording of material.

    A valuable store of local material was collected in the 1930s from the older residents of the area. These records must contain of good deal of information on what life was like for the residents of this area from about 1850 - 1930. The current older residents of Shannon and its environs would have been born approximately 1936-46. You could say the generation of the grandchildren of those surveyed in the 1930s. The parents of this generation would have experienced first hand the War of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

    Other documents such as the Patrick Sarsfield O'Donoghue manuscripts shed light on the social history of the area from the 1750's the beginning of the 19th century.

    We at Dúchas na Sionna plan to explore all these avenues in order to build up a comprehensive and hopefully interesting picture of folk life in Shannon and it's surrounding townlands over the centuries.